Sierra Leone Holds First Ever Blockchain Backed Presidential Election

The election of Sierra Leone has officially become the first ever to be powered by blockchain. Rather than traditional methods of counting votes by hand, the blockchain application allowed for a seamless and rapid tally of votes.

The blockchain technology for the election was prepared and developed over a number of years by Agora. The solution has also seen many benefits for the citizens of the country too.

  1. 1) The blockchain platform has essentially allowed for more simplified and calmer elections as much of the electoral violence associated with these events was made void.
    2) Having third party representatives from the likes of Agora and the University of Friburg, votes were not only accounted for, but future possibilities of blockchain based identity verification for civilians has also been considered to enhance the credibility of votes counted.
    3) Furthermore its hoped the country financial and social standing can be improved by one of the most tightly contested elections in recent history. Not only have more than 2 parties come neck and neck, the competition has also allowed for the first ever televised presidential debate in the country. Considering the allegations of the current government embezzling over %5 million from aid set aside for Ebola treatments, the open contest allows for potential engagement with national politics.

  1. Blockchain technology was used for a variety of operations on the day by Agora. From helping to verify votes, and efficiently total them within a matter of hours, the technology helped to revolutionize the democratic process in the country. Where allegations of election fraud and political interference during elections are rife, permission networks served as ballot counters. Having recognized officials such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and the University of Fribourg the elections were transparent and each vote could be accounted for.

“All elections in the future will use blockchain voting systems. Blockchain is the only technology in existence today that can offer a fully-transparent platform for verifiably honest elections.“
Agora COO

To conclude, blockchain technology has successfully been implemented to allow a presidential election to occur. Helping to combat the woes of corruption and clear its negative political reputation, Sierra Leone has had the aid of blockchain to ensure a fair and transparent presidential race.

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