MMM The Ponzi Scheme Scamming Nigerians

Currently returns on investments via banks and other governmental forms have been recognised as abysmal. Around 1-2% investors and Nigerians are not getting reasonable rates of return. Thus many Nigerians have turn to the MMM global scheme for frankly amazing rates of return. Advertising rates of over 100% on some occasions, the scheme essentially parts the users with their money through deceptive practices.MMM

When you enter the scheme you may originally think you are investing in a legitimate corporation. However learning of the truth behind the global operation may save you a whole lot of money and time as the scheme has left millions out of pocket. Many thinking they could get a quick return were left homeless in countries such as china and Russia where the scheme has already preyed on its victims.

MMM Nigeria

The scheme essentially depends on the inflow of new users. New users investing will allow MMM paying you your share back including profits. For example at 20% interest investing 10000 will yield you a total of 12000 in return. The extra 2000 Naira will come from the next investor from the funds he invests. This chain of lies nets MMM a huge profit along the way. Operations in Russia got so big in the 1980’s money had to be counted in rooms rather than rubles as profits ran into billions. Many do consider this type of investment theft as previous users are essentially stealing from future users unaware of the practices at play.

To conclude, the MMM scheme has left many countries devastated, china recently, and the deceitful practices behind your returns may leave you the victim on the receiving end. Staying away from the MMM scheme will be your best bet at making sure your money remains safe and while bank rates and bonds remain small sources of profit they are the most reliable.

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