Coinfest Nigeria Scheduled For April In Lagos

Coinfest is set to be held in Nigeria this year by the African Youth Peace Call group aiming to introduce Bitcoin to the masses and enthusiasts alike. The event will be free to attend and the venue is set in Lagos.


The event has been held every year since 2013, and growing in size considerably thanks to various sponsors who have made the event possible in cities such as London and even Ghana. This year the event will also be held in a number of countries including Freetown, Sierra Leone and even the Netherlands.


2017 will feature even more participating cities and decentralized programs, and be the year CoinFest breaks new ground on rapidly-emerging decentralized platforms for smart contracts, smart property, and DAO technology.

The events will commence April 3—two days before the rumored birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto—and conclude with the end of the weekend on Sunday, April 9. The International Hangout will once again feature prominently, as will the Decentralized Arcade and other giveaways. New attractions are in the works… stay tuned!



To conclude with the start of Coinfest in Nigeria, there will be a whole host of new technologies being presented regarding cryptocoins developments. While there will also be a number of companies discussing the use of Bitcoin in various industrial application, there are also planned giveaways of Bitcoin for attendants. The conference also hopes to educate people about the basics and applications of Bitcoin and its uses in civilian life from remittances to retail. Hoping to increase the awareness of Bitcoin among the public while providing a environment for further exploration of the future o currency, the conference is looking forward to seeing you on 7th of April 2017 in Lagos with a prompt 10 AM start make it early to meet speakers and experienced developers !

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