Samsung Galaxy S10 Preview Images Hint at Support for Crypto

Leaked images of tech giant Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 mobile have surfaced online, reigniting expectations for a crypto wallet on the smartphone.

Relative features as seen in the specification images provide evidence that Samsung could be ready to launch an in-built mobile wallet on the device to store cryptocurrencies as well as a blockchain explorer service called the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore – to secure and manage users blockchain private key.

An Image Snippet of Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Features

The Samsung Galaxy S10 which is anticipated by many as the iPhone killer (best competition for iPhone devices), will by this feature expose the cryptocurrency and blockchain platform to millions of Samsung users globally; a move which is sure to facilitate cryptocurrency adoption.

This latest addition also brings to focus a growing industry of crypto wallet enabled smartphone devices being developed by varying companies across the global market. The choice of smartphones comes as no surprise considering the ease of use, handiness and general availability of these mobile devices across different countries and economic classes.

Would you buy Samsung’s cryptocurrency wallet-enabled smartphone?

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