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French Tobacco Shops to Sell Bitcoin From 2019

In a new wave of cryptocurrecny adoption, the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) have granted permission for tobacco shops in the country to sell Bitcoin from January, 2019.

The shops in partnership with French crypto startup, Keplerk will offer Bitcoin sales services and also redeem vouchers for customers via the Keplerk crypto wallet.

Enlightening on the choice of tobacco shops, Adil Zakhar (Director at Keplerk) opines that tobacco shops provide the best customer channels as they offer direct point-of-sale essentials like credits for mobile phones.

Bitcoin is Trending

Google Inc recently released public search data provided by Google trends. The data shows that Bitcoin search results have reached a new 6-months All Time High as the public continues to show interest in cryptocurrencies. A trend which portrays an increasing level of public awareness in cryptocurrencies despite the falling coin prices.

Even as pessimists focus on the dip as a risk factor, it is evident at this point that ‘any publicity is good publicity’; just as more positive news and mainstream adoption keeps making headlines.

Daily Transaction Volume: Is Bitcoin set to top Mastercard?

According to statistics, Bitcoin’s Daily transaction volume currently stands at $8 Billion in funds per day closing in on that of multinational financial services firm, MasterCard which handles about $12 Billion in transaction funds daily.

From estimates and projections, Bitcoin is on course to surpass MasterCard’s volume by the year 2020; as Bitcoin averages 272,000 transactions per day, an approximate 11,333 transactions every hour.

At this time, MasterCard which offers solely fiat payments is a preferred choice for daily payments and has been around for two decades, while cryptocurrencies and 10-year old Bitcoin are still seen by many as a store of value or option for cross-border and larger payments.

It is believed that in due course and with Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies proving faster, cheaper and easier for transacting parties; more transactions and utility for cryptocurrencies would be achieved.

European Union Invites Major Banks to Join Blockchain Forum

The EU is in the process of establishing a blockchain forum and has invited about five (5) major banks including BBVA and Santander to join in.

The forum named International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA), is geared towards developing a trusted, secure and resilient European Blockchain Service with infrastructure for privacy, cyber-security, interoperability and energy efficiency; all fully compliant with the EU law.

Speaking further on its aim, the EU leadership believes the initiative would benefit Europeans and aid Europe become a hub for blockchain technologies.

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