More Bitcoin ATMs for Chicago Residents

The U.S. city of Chicago known for its history with finance, seems to be embracing the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency revolution. Currently home to quite a large number of Bitcoin ATM’s, the city of Chicago is about to host some more courtesy of vending machine firm – Lux Vending.

According to reports by local media Chicago Business, the city is about to receive 30 more cryptocurency ATMs which will be provided by Lux Vending under the brand, Bitcoin Depot. The choice of Chicago as explained by the firm is hinged on the city’s above average cryptocurrency adoption rate, making it a good market and hub for crypto services.

These new Bitcoin sale terminals will provide customers a means to trade physical dollars for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as these latest additions join the ever-growing number of crypto ATM machines in Chicago.

Multi-cryptocurrency ATM firm, Bitcoin Depot is not the only firm providing crypto ATMs in the city. Other crypto ATM companies such as Red leaf Chicago which owns 60 of the 200 machines in the city and  Athena Bitcoin which owns three (3) of these ATMs, are also well represented in Chicago.

Both companies also plan on further expansion with Athena Bitcoin already making moves into the crypto ATM international market particularly in South America where cryptocurrencies are constantly gaining popularity mainly due to necessity as citizens seek alternative ways to circumvent inflation and the failing economy in  the region.

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