Western Union feels the competition of Bitcoin in Nigeria

In my last article on “Why you need start sending Bitcoin instead of fiat currency to your family and friend across the globe”, I highlighted the benefit of sending bitcoin to your families and friends through www.nairaex.com, you can buy from us and your relatives can sell back to us whenever the get the possession of their bitcoin in their wallet. And if you already have bitcoin, you can send to them without the need to buy from us, while you advice them to exchange it for fiat currency at www.nairaex.com. Our website is quite user-friendly and unambiguous.westernunion

However to me it seems that one of the Money business service used to send money abroad has begin to feel the pressure of the market, as the focus of people begin to shift away from the usual use of WesternUnion, MoneyGram and Ria. Westernunion announced new rates of exchange, in which it exchanges 1USD for NGN308, instead of the NGN193 official rate it has maintained with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

With this development, It will look like WesternUnion rate has now matched Nairaex’s bitcoin exchange rate. However when you consider that in using other Money Business Services, the sender has to pay a service charge of about 10% including tax, it makes you appreciate the easy and charge-free way of sending bitcoin and exchanging your money for bitcoin at Nairaex, then you will see that the opportunities provided by www.nairaex.com is huge and far surpass that of any means of sending money to your loved ones and business partners all over the world. Also we still offer a rate that is at least N8 higher than the rate WesternUnion offers, as we currently exchange bitcoin for you at the ratye of N315/$.

If there was ever an era of genuine change , it is in the area of currency, but people change often too slowly, while others are quick to understand the flow and take benefit of the change.

Register at www.nairaex.com today and enjoy a wide range of opportunities without stress.

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