WAVES platform – Cryptocurrency Presale Presents New Opportunities for Early Adopters

In terms of investing opportunities for cryptocurrency users, there are considerably fewer options available. When compared to fiat which allows you to access forex markets, Stocks and shares or even simply making interest from banks, crypto is currently limited for those looking for a stable investment.

Bitcoin the first digital currency was launched in 2009 through mining since then developers has been launching digital currencies through a token presale or crowd sale called ICO (initial Coin Offering) which allows interested users to support the development of the project by exchanging bitcoin for the token issued by the developer.

Digital currency presale is very much similar to early investments in companies which allows investors to grab a share of a company while at early stage. Currencies such as Nxt, Ethereum, Bitshares, Factom and Storjcoin X was introduced with presale events netting early adopters as much as 10,000% ROI

There are many benefits to getting involved with an ICO which are not limited to providing funding for future projects which in turn can further aid the expansion of cryptocurrency. Another main advantage to be considered is that it allows regular users to get cryptocurrency without the process of mining and these ‘shares’/tokens purchased via ICO are a much more flexible form of investment as you get more control on when you want to cash out as withdrawals are much faster.

Cryptocurrency with decentralized applications (Dapps) has being the hottest investments in bitcoin space after Ethereum that was sold for 13 cent reached $10 per coin with over $10 billion market cap. LISK (cryptocurrency similar to Ethereum) recently raised over $5 million in a presale.


Upcoming Cyrpocurrency  Presale – Waves Platform

On the surface the ICO looks pretty generic, following the standard guidelines for a cryptocurrency ICO. The technical specifications below show the core of the coin, with the company issuing 100milion shares. The tokens are essentially middle men in transactions so you send your deposits to an address produced by the server and you receive blockchain tokens in return which can be converted and withdrawn in your chosen cryptocurrency. There are also various bounties being issued by the developers to let you grab some free wave tokens with a total of 2000000 being given out to their newsletter subscribers alone among other ways such as following their twitter account or even joining the facebook group being rewarding actions with a total bounty of 15 million tokens put on various activities. (Pro-Tip:  Sometimes this free coins are worth a lot of money when the project is ready )

100 million issued tokens (85 million to be sold via ICO)
 Project Features

  •     POS consensus algorithm
  •     Extendable custom transactions system
  •     Plugin/Blockchain apps system
  •     Decentralized reputation system

To conclude jumping in on the ICO for the Waves token may be a worthwhile risk but a warning for the wary, ICO ‘s are like any investment where you can easily loose more than you deposit and just like with stocks companies can run into financial trouble leaving investments at losses. Whilst we have checked the organization for legitimacy, we do not accept any of the results of investing in the company and NairaEX cannot be held accountable for the companies/individuals or consumers actions. Remember; never invest more than you can lose.

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