Top 10 Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2019 – Q1/Q2

Q1 and Q2 Profit Coins of 2019

With Q1 complete and Q2 well underway; after short term rallies across the crypto market, here is a rundown of the top 10 best performing roi cryptocurrencies.

  1. BINANCE COIN (BNB) +475%

BNB, the native coin of world’s most popular crypto exchange Binance, has by far been the best performer since the start of this year.

Unmoved by the recent news of the exchange hack of over $41 million, Binance coin has gone way past its 2018 ATH of $23 to now trade at $34.17. BNB looks set to continue this uptrend with many holders bullish on the $100 mark come the next market rally or by year end.


  1. TEXOS (XTZ) +255%

After a rough 2018 following a huge drop in its market cap value, Tezos seems to be rewarding holders; with a 70% gain in just three days in March and currently up by 255% this year. It is yet to be seen if XTZ will maintain this uptrend.


  1. LITECOIN (LTC) +254%

The sixth placed cryptocurrency by market cap seems to go only one way – UP. With steady gains maintained every month of 2019, LTC cements its place on the top 3 performers list.

Litecoin still shows promising signs of bullish movement. The LTC halving comes in just under 70 days and characteristic of most cryptos, halving brings double figure gains. Let’s see how high it can climb this time.


  1. BITCOIN CASH (BCH) +166%

Following a hard fork of Bitcoin Core (BTC) in November 2018, BCH has put aside its controversial rise and dispute. The coin has slowly and steadily gained grounds, with particular movements during the short rallies across the market.


  1. EOS (EOS) +158%

In fifth place is EOS, known for its great development team and haven maintained first spot on China’s cryptocurrency rankings; EOS is yielding profits.

Reports have it that a proposed by back by its launching company has been announced, let’s see what effect this activity will have on its market price. EOS is currently the 5th cryptocurrency by market capitalization and its founders seem confident it could replace Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.


  1. BITCOIN (BTC) +134%

A surprise at number 6, considering its popularity and standings as the number one cryptocurrency; Bitcoin (BTC) has gained 134% since the start of the year.

The number one cryptocurrency known to lead market rallies has comfortably gained against other financial assets (gold, stock and more); hence increasing investor and institutional interest in cryptocurrencies generally.

Next Bitcoin halving comes in May 2020; precedence shows that a year into the halving heralds huge bullish movement in price. Will there be a repeat of this trend?


  1. CARDANO (ADA) +106%

With a sound development team and a common coin on most holder portfolios, Cardano is surely a promising digital asset and its gains come as no surprise.

Currently at 11th place on the coin market standings, with strong partnerships and a mainnet launch later this year; Cardano is here to stay.


  1. DASH (DASH) +100%

DASH is one altcoin with similar utility to Bitcoin (BTC) and has been relatively used across countries (predominantly South American nations) for offline payments and online transactions.

Currently trading at $170.76, one huge factor for the DASH uptrend is its utility and demand; with the coin posing over $80 gains in a single day.

More futuristic analysts predict a price as high as $5000 by the end of 2025 and this is wholly dependent on its adoption across fields. DASH previous ATH: $1,642


  1. MONERO (XMR) +93%

The privacy coin of choice has continued its surge following a hard fork in March and an upgraded protocol. Known for its anonymity which is a huge feature to gaining traction, investors believe 10x returns in 2019 are possible.


  1. Ethereum (ETH) +91%

Second capped cryptocurrency by volume and most popular altcoin, ETH seems to have regained its stability. ETH leads the charge of most altcoin ICOs and has been the native blockchain of most alts including recently migrated Binance coin.

ETH hit its highest price of 2019 at $285 after an impressive 74% gain in 30-days; with little corrections on the way.

Trading analysts predict the $350 and $400 price mark possible in the short and medium term.

Do you hold any of these coins? What are your price predictions?

NOTE: This article does not posit investment advice. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).








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