The Hottest Crypto Events in 2019

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Bitcoin has come a long way since its inception in 2008, outliving five crashes and expanding ever further. Cryptocurrencies have never been more widespread, with decentralized application (dapp) platforms stepping up their pace, even as we write. The purchase of digital assets has never been easier, Bitcoin futures are gaining momentum, and institutional investors have made their way to the OTC market.

There is a downside to it, though. Cryptocurrencies are all about transparency and fixed supply, making them a difficult target for the middlemen in power. This is the main reason why cryptocurrencies haven’t been adopted by traditional financial institutions globally. However, since technological advancement is all the rage these days, who knows what the future will bring?

One thing is certain: predicting future blockchain trends is in order for any serious investor. But, where do you get the right information to help you make sound decisions? Quite fortunately, crypto events have never been more numerous. We bring you suggestions on some of the most respectable ones coming up in 2019.

TOKENOMX (Bangkok)

TOKENONMX 2019 will be held in Bangkok February 27 through 28. It is a reputable Blockchain conference welcoming experts from across the globe. Last year’s event in Chiang Mai was a huge success, and hosted 21 blockchain experts, including Barnaby Anderson (Blockchain Alchemy), Erica Blair (Blockchain Branding) and Nicholas Merten (DataDash). This year’s panelists so far include:

  1.      Juergen Hoebarth (, RealLifeConnect and Haexagon Concepts)
  2.      Alan Laubsch (Generation Blue)
  3.      Nicholas Merten (DataDash)
  4.      Prinn Panitchpakdi (The Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  5.      Miko Matsumura (Evercoin)
  6.      Alexis Sirkia (Yellow)
  7.      Chris Williamson (MB Technology)
  8.      Nicole Nguyen (Infinity Blockchain Ventures)
  9.      Sally Eaves (Project Shivom)
  10.   Allie Zhang (Blocktag)
  11.   Damian Mee (Bitcoin veteran)

The Blockchain Summit (Hong Kong)

The Blockchain Summit will be held in Hong Kong February 27 through 28. It is one of the world’s largest conferences, with last year’s event numbering more than 1,000 attendees, 80 speakers and many exhibitors, including Mun Shing Cheong (C Block Capital), Dr. Daniel Ng (Beijing Tsinghua University) and Terence Lam (Up Blockchain Technology Limited). The Summit covers topics on the business of Blockchain and DLT and connects industry leaders, tech innovators and decision makers. Some of this year’s panelists include:

  1.      Matteo Bernardis (UBS)
  2.      Renu Bhatia (Asia Fintech Angels, Blockchain Society of Hong Kong)
  3.      François Dumont (GoldFinX PTE Ltd.)
  4.      Vanessa Grellet (ConsenSys)
  5.      Bogusz Grotowski (Deutsche Bank)
  6.      Yuree Hong (SHE Blockchainers Asia,
  7.      William Hui (Manulife)
  8.     Sumit Indwar (Linklaters)
  9.     Jade Tin Hei Lee (Chow Tai Fook)
  10.   Aly Madhavji (Blockchain Founders Fund)
  11.   Samita Malik (Aegon)
  12.   Neha Mehta (FemTech Partners)
  13.   Tom Menner (R3)
  14.   Georgio Mosis (AIA)
  15.   Will Myles (RICS)
  16.   Rafael Padilla (FinTech Philippines Association)
  17.   Philip Pang (Colliers International)
  18.   Moses Park (Liberty Chambers)
  19.   Ritesh Sarda (Sunlife Hong Kong)
  20.   Steve Siu (CargoSmart)
  21.   Shahar Steiff (PCCW Global)
  22.   Adam Stuckert (KPMG)
  23.   Vijay Valecha (Century Financial Brokers LLC)
  24.   Michael Yip (Modern Terminals)
  25.   Nydia Zhang (Social Alpha Foundation)

The CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference (Pattaya)

The CoinAdvice BlockChain Conference is world’s largest cryptocurrency owner gathering, attracting more than 250 speakers. Established in 2018, the conference brings together Blockchain technology startups, leading ICOs and investors. This year’s conference will be held in Pattaya, March 4 through 6, with panelists including:

  1.      Naeem Aslam (Forbes)
  2.      Dr. Sarat Kumar Malik (Board of India)
  3.      Vit Jedlicka (The Free Republic of Liberland)
  4.      Natalie Goretski (Coinmeup)
  5.      Giovanni Di Noto (CloudyBoss Pty Ltd.)
  6.      Dato’ Steve Cheah (GEN ASEAN)
  7.      Sebastian-Ionut Diaconu (MBAex)
  8.      Ali Mohammed (Gold Bits Coin)
  9.      Gananathan Samarasan (P1)
  10.   Dane Elliott (Achain)
  11.   Eric Annan (Kubitx)
  12.   Dr. Jowin Tan (Wincoin)
  13.   Ekkapon Yuangnark (Nitithorn Summit Group Co., Ltd.)
  14.   Tiago Costa Alves (Aptoide)

Blockchain Technology World (London)

Blockchain Technology World will take place in London, March 12 through 13. The conference was established in 2018 and focuses on real-world application and integration of the Blockchain technology. It brings together some of world’s best Blockchain vendors, innovative companies and decision makers who are interested in investing in the Blockchain. This year’s panelists include:

  1.    Jesus Rodriguez (Invector Labs)
  2.     Lisa Marks-Canty (ChainNinja)
  3.     Jason E. Barkeloo (Knowbella Tech, Open Therapeutics)
  4.     Alexander Yakovlev (National Settlement Depository(Moscow Exchange Group))
  5.     John Abbott (HM Land Registry)
  6.     Marta Piekarska (Hyperledger)
  7.     Alex Farr (Monarch Engineering)
  8.     Amit Patel (Bupa)
  9.     Vincent Biret (Medicalchain)
  10.   Sarvi Eastell (All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain)
  11.   Michele Curtoni (State Street)
  12.   Letitia Seglah (European Commission)
  13.   Jonas Svensson (UNOPS)
  14.   Hugo Pinto (Accenture Digital)
  15.   Genevieve Leveille (0TenTic8)
  16.   Anthony Stevens (Northern Trust)
  17.   Arunkumar Krishnakumar (VC)

The above mentioned are but the tip of the iceberg. There are so many crypto conferences these days, that it is rather impossible to attend them all in a year. Still, one can learn much while attending industry’s finest events, such as are those mentioned above. Brace yourselves and — stay tuned!


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