The Sun Exchange Project Aiming to turn bitcoin into Electricity

One of the fastest growing Bitcoin start-ups of this year has to be the Sun Exchange. Providing users with the ability to invest in a national solar panel network which provides a approximate return of 10% to investors. The site also allows users to put forward their own projects to be funded by the company.


Solar power has been a booming industry as of late boosted by the fact natural sources of fuel such as natural gas and oil are constantly rising in value whilst one solar panel can always turn over a profit when you are located in one of the hottest countries in the world. The Sun exchange project aims to harness investor money to install solar panels on buildings but rather than selling surplus electricity to the grid for profit, the project aims to harness all electricity within the buildings themselves.

We are a market place and never hold onto a lender’s money. Payments into The Sun Exchange go straight into the chosen solar project. Most projects are established as co-operatives, of which investors become a member so that they own their share of the solar asset as a security. Our projects are exempt from the Banks Amendment Act 2007 and below the threshold where it would be required to be a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator.


To conclude the Sun Exchange initiative will be extremely useful particularly in the African area where solar energy has becoming the latest commodity to be emphasized by many energy companies looking to setup their own infrastructure as currently returns look lucrative. The current initiative launched by the Sun exchange is helping users invest Bitcoin to help buildup solar panels around the country not only aiding the pressure currently placed on oil reserves but also helping to make it financially viable without having to rely on current services to export power to the grid which could be costly. Ultimately this project aims to deliver Bitcoin in a practical capacity for investors and even for builders wishing to upgrade and retrofit buildings with renewable technology.


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