Steam Offers Zero Confirmation Bitcoin Payment Service

The steam service has only recently introduced Bitcoin to its platform but it has just made the move to introduce zero confirmation transactions. This will essentially allow payments to be instant as no confirmations are required. The risk of fraudulent transaction is extremely high but it is hoped the bitpay service is able to mitigate these problems.


Steam is the leading producer of digital content across the globe on the PC platform. Distributing huge AAA titles and even movies the ever expanding business has recently took its step into the world of crypto by integrating Bitcoin via the bitpay service. This huge move has currently allowed steam to expand its profits and Bitcoin markets too have responded positively to this news.

The steam service also offers integration for many of valves own games such as Dota and counter strike. Users can now purchase in game items and even sell for Bitcoin. This freedom of choice has encouraged many in North American countries to use crypto and African countries to follow suit as Bitcoin use has made a marked increase. Many other online companies and sites do make use of Bitcoin such as overstock which is one of the biggest distributers of home furniture.

To conclude the new upgrade to the services aims to make transactions seamless and instant. Now you can buy games at the speed of a click as the money will be available to spend in your account in an instant. You can purchase some Bitcoin via the NairaEX exchange to try out the steam service and purchase digital content on demand. Your Bitcoin will be delivered to you within a matter of hours at market premium prices so you can buy any game, movie or content of the steam platform on demand.

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