Popular Figures in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space

Popular figures in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Sector
Influential People in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry

This publication contains a list of prominent individuals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector from contributions to publicity and adoption, to businesses, followership and influence around the emerging industry; they have set a pace around this niche.

The list includes CEOs, influencers and troublemakers in no particular order:

  1. Changpeng Zhao (CZ): CEO of popular and world number one cryptocurrency trading platform Binance, CZ commands influence in this space. He has proved a great influence around the industry just as he continues to make moves with the expansion of his exchange across continents, launching new crypto products, Binance Charity as well as integrity checks for tokens by the exchange in a bid to give the industry a good name and ensure trusted service in the cryptocurrency industry.

Also, BNB (Binance coin) has lived up to expectations under his leadership, with developments and hitting a new all-time high in the market; CZ has proved without doubt that his platform and brand are here to stay.


  1. Justin Sun: Founder of TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency, Justin is known to be a marketable brand in the crypto space. With an eye for development and promotion of his cryptocurrency to 11th place currently on the coin market standings, he has moved the token to triple figure gains.

Sun has set a precedent of being in the news regularly with one development or another especially with his focus on DApps.


  1. Winklevoss Twins: One of the pioneer Bitcoin billionaires, the twins are a recognizable duo inside and outside the crypto space. From being original advocates for bitcoin, to owning their own cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform (Gemini), the twins are worthy of mention on this list.

Additionally, they are notable for filing for a Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund) with the SEC pending its approval, among other power moves.


  1. Brain Armstrong: CEO of Coinbase, U.S based and the most popular fiat to crypto exchange globally. His platform Coinbase has contributed to massive adoption, ease of purchase of cryptocurrencies and are known to be a market mover especially with their announcement on new coin listings.


  1. Charlie Lee: creator of Litecoin (LTC) is known as a very active and outspoken figure in the cryptocurrency community. A former Google employee and early investor in Bitcoins, Charlie Lee realized the crypto and blockchain potential at a very early stage. Despite his own bit of controversy, the LTC boss has proven the sustainability and suitability of Litecoin as an excellent payment service.
  2. Vitalik Buterin: is the renowned founder of second placed coin – Ethereum (ETH) and largest ICO platform in the world; which he conceptualized at the age of 19. Currently 24, Vitalik remains incredibly bullish about his project and has cemented his place as a top shot in the influencers list.  He maintains same spot for development in the cryptocurrency space.

His Ethereum development base is huge and still rapidly increasing in numbers while they churn out new projects. He has come up a few times in the news with bullish and controversial statements but one thing remains for facts; his contributions, presence and ETH token have all considerably delivered on their promises or hype.

It would also be noted that the Ethereum blockchain has been the base spring or native blockchain of quite a number of other tokens or altcoins including BNB (Binance Coin) which just launched its own native blockchain.


  1. Roger Ver: popularly called Bitcoin Jesus, Ver is a controversial personality in the world of cryptocurrencies. He owns popular wallet service platform Bitcoin.com and has currently become an active proponent of Bitcoin Cash.

A key and early investor in the blockchain space and startup, Ver is an influential figure around the community.


  1. Nick Szabo: introduced the term ‘smart contracts’ and is well known for his research around digital contracts and cryptocurrency. He launched Bitgold – a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency.


  1. Anthony Pompliano: American entrepreneur and investor popular for his crypto tweets on Twitter. A former employee of Facebook and Snapchat, Pompliano doubles as founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital.

His notable mention on this list is attributed to his long standing as a publicity chief for positive cryptocurrency news, education and adoption.


  1. John McAfee: British-American businessman and popular figure in the crypto space, McAfee remains a very controversial figure in this niche. Notable among his controversial claims, is a bullish prediction of Bitcoin to $500,000 by 2020 – a prediction which he says if it fails, “he will eat his d**k”.

Asides crypto, McAfee is a seasoned programmer who developed one of the most popular anti-virus software to date. He also attempted to run for the American presidency in 2015.


  1. Jack Dorsey: CEO of Square, developers of CashApp – a mobile payments app that allows users buy and hold Bitcoin. Dorsey doubles as the CEO of Twitter and has greatly used the social media platform in recent times to propagate Bitcoin adoption to his global follower base.

He has shown great interest in the space and recently announced the recruitment of a 5-man team to focus on development for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Other popular figures include: Elizabeth Rossiello (Head at BitPesa), Elizabeth Stark (CEO Lightning Labs), Erik Voorhees (Founder ShapeShift), Jihan Wu (Co-founder Bitmain Technologies), Andreas Antonopoulos (Author of Mastering Bitcoin), Bobby Lee (CEO BTCChina), Juthica Chou (Co-founder LedgerX), Terry Duffy (Chairman, Chicago Mercantile Exchange).

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