Overstock CEO Set To Announce Huge Blockchain Project

Overstock has been renowned as one of the first few retailers to accept Bitcoin on an international level. The online retailer took steps to integrate Bitcoin into current payment infrastructure under the guidance of CEO Patrick Byrne. The retailer which pioneered Bitcoin as a payment method and exposed the world to, what was an unknown currency, remains loyal to the projects it started as the CEO announced huge news to be coming soon for their Bitcoin projects.overstock CEO Byrne-Patrick

“You’ll see a historic announcement in the weeks ahead. If all goes well, about four-ish weeks from now.”

Patrick Byrne has been one of the primary users of Bitcoin on a commercial scale and exploring various trading and identity applications which can be produced from current crypto technology. Being one of the first before the likes of dell and such, Overstock had the advantage of monopolizing on a multibillion dollar market. Running a range of operations it is thought the next solution will be released from the tØ. This project has become synonymous with Bitcoin related activities and is thought to be trading platform.

“The innovation here is mind-boggling to people who understand it. There is a tremendous gap thanks to the lack of transparency in pricing for securities lending liquidity.”

–         John Tobacco


To conclude the overstock announcement is likely linked to the blockchain technology applications being developed in the Medici subsidiary of Overstock. Why not purchase some Bitcoin via the NairaEX exchange at premium rates to have some ready for the new project to be revealed by the company. You can also spend some Bitcoin at the overstock site to purchase furniture and other household essentials etc, or the securities project may provide increase stability for Bitcoin traders. The private market intended to be built by the company is set to revolutionize the future of financial management.

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