NATO To Explore Blockchain Technology In Military Setting

Bitcoin has been used ion plenty of diverse applications from being a digital currency to being used as a platform for other applications the possibilities are endless and the military uses of the currency are currently being explored by NATO who were hosting a Innovation contest to see the flexibility of the blockchain and overall allow for experimentation before a viable purpose for the currency is found in a military setting.

NATO have been known as a dominant force mainly in Europe enforcing stability and protection. With far reaching influence and a massive organization that could well see the benefits of Blockchain technology especially due to the anonymous and secure nature of it. The contest held by the Military aimed to gain applications that could incorporate the Blockchain technology to suit logistical and financial needs of the military. Winning entries are expected to be unveiled in Estonia next month but that may be all that we see of the technology being created by the army.

The NATO Communications and Information Agency is pleased to announce the 2016 Innovation Challenge, aimed at accelerating transformational, state-of-the-art technology solutions in support of NATO C4ISR and cyber capability requirements.

To conclude this may be the latest purpose for the ever growing digital currency. Becoming so much more than just a replacement for fiat currency like the Naira, Bitcoin presents many more opportunities’ not just to individuals looking for financial flexibility but also for civil service sectors as the blockchain is to become a valuable platform for development due to its sheer transparency, security and stability which has been undeniable over the past few years.

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