Intel Debuts Exchange As Part Of Hyperledger Project

The internet of things by Intel has been the long running campaign to get everyday services digitalized and connected to the internet. Bitcoin and the blockchain technology have remained on the cards for Intel for quite some time, but only recently has a demo been released to the public. The demo codenamed Sawtooth is the first iteration of the project in development by Intel to serve as a marketplace for digital assets the same way cryptocoins are traded on exchanges.
AS seen below, the platform is in very early stages of development but is taking shape to be an expansive service which will allow for the trading of a number of tokens. Giving users more power and flexibility to exchange their assets on demand, the service aims to integrate blockchain technology into a solution ideal for clients. There have also been a number of other projects making their debut such as bond trading platforms and supply chain services which also use the blockchain. The blockchains potential in supply chain management has been proven as it can be used to track shipments, and mark checkpoints in delivery of resources for businesses.

intel prototype

To conclude the demo for public consumption has allowed many to explore the benefits of a simple and flexible system which can manipulate digital tokens to effectively allow users to create their own assets for trade, but simply and easily trade one asset for any other one anywhere on the marketplace. This does remain an alpha version as the concept is undergoing considerable refinement and Intel hopes to add many more features to allow practical use of the project not only for securities trading but also supply chain management, as explored previously.

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