DAO Becomes 2nd Biggest Holder Of Ether

It might not come as surprising news to some but it has recently come to light that the scale of DAO’s funding campaign has run well into an excess of $22 Million becoming one of the biggest campaigns of all time currently. Jumping into 3rd spot only behind the Star Citizen funding campaign and Elio motors campaigns DAO has sealed its position as the 3rd most biggest.

The campaign hasn’t even finished and yet this amount has been raised. You too can jump into the ICO as we outlined in a previous article. Becoming the 2nd big holder of Ether, the project has potentially the largest influence over the entire economy. Allowing users to take out their investments in Ether if they aren’t in use at any time, the investment here is extremely flexible allowing you to remain in control over the size of investment into proposals you make.

The cat is out of the bag: a provably fair, 100% decentralized governance model is now publicly available for anyone to copy, improve on and reproduce. This includes its smart contracts and the Token Creation module itself, all provided free and open source under the LGPL. Major exchanges have backed this model, while the code has been audited by the best minds in the field, the greater daohub.org community and even the company that audited Ethereum itself.

To conclude the DAO project has big things set for its future in the digital currency sphere. Gaining a huge bankroll to set things rolling it seems that the flexibility and power given to the user to make a genuine impact on the project due to the vested intrest has been one of the main driving forces behind this multi million dollar funding. With the Ethereum platform being given increasing importance by developers the range of applications that may thrive of the DAO infrastructure.

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