Crypto Market Outlook – Ethereum Biggest Loser Amid Million Dollar Theft

Crypto markets have been tough for traders as unforgiving conditions have been seen all around, With the top 10 coins by capitalization all seeing red, we have the latest analysis to aid you in maximizing profits.

Coins to watch out this week –


While markets may be seeing red this week, the upcoming week may be kind to a number of crypto coins. Those looking to hold bitcoin will find their holdings stabilize in value over the coming week. The current bearish trend will prevail but with considerable support seen at the $7100 level, significant drops are not forecast for holders.

Sell –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Analysts have advised sales of Ethereum tokens amid the volatile markets which have seen a huge price plummet. In the aftermath of a million dollar theft of over 2500 tokens from a exchange, prices have dropped to the $560 level. The coming week will remain fairly uncertain for traders as prices are set to drop a further $25 as trading volumes increase steadily. If prices do break the $500, we may see a the current bearish conditions extended for a number of months. It is advisable to sell 10% of holdings and repurchase after the coming week which is expected to be suggestive of the future for the market.

Buy –
Litecoin has been given a buy signal as markets have dipped significantly but steadily. A turnaround is expected to occur by the middle of the coming week as volumes increase. Prices are currently in touching distance of a 3 month low, but prices could jump well above 6% according to current targets. This increase may seem insignificant but the added stability will help balance the performance of your crypto portfolio.

Disclaimer : The article is only meant to supplement trading advice but not replace it. BTC.NG or the author can not be held liable for any losses incurred. Please remember, losses can exceed deposits so please trade responsibly.

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