Craig Wright The Real Satoshi Nakamoto ?

Bitcoin has long been a subject of mystery and anonymity. With no identity attached to a bitcoin user except a string of numbers and letters no one could figure out a users identity let alone the identity of the entity that created the digital currency itself. However it has come as shocking news as Craig Wright a Australian computer scientist has claimed that he is the original creator of Bitcoin and the face behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Having the support of prominent figures in the bitcoin industry such as Gavin Anderson, Craig Wright has received plenty of support behind his claim to the name of Satoshi. Having also signed a message from a address that has been known to have been under the control of the creator. However there are also many complications that may arise from the finding of Satoshi. For one, Satoshi can single handedly direct the entire bitcoin market as he is in possession of over a million Bitcoins. Satoshi

“During the London proof sessions, I had the opportunity to review the relevant data along three distinct lines: cryptographic, social, and technical,” he said.

“It is my firm belief that Craig Wright satisfies all three categories.”

-Jon Matonis founding director of the bitcoin foundation

On the other hand it must also be considered that if Satoshi is truly found then the technological side of Bitcoin as a currency may develop much faster as being the inventor, Satoshi has unprecedented knowledge of the code holding up the entire Bitcoin infrastructure and can advance current developments and applications.

To conclude, Craig Wright may be the real inventor of Bitcoin but as we have encountered before looks can be deceiving and the fact that Mr Wright is hesitant currently at fulfilling requests to cryptographically verify his identity and prove his connection to Bitcoin have casted doubt over the validity of his claim. However if he is the true creator of Bitcoin we may be in for a more structured and developed future as Satoshi has the influence and power necessary to influence the financial aspects of Bitcoin but also steer the development of it as a platform with the aid of the Bitcoin foundation.


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