CoinBase Allows Bitcoin Purchases Via Debit Card For US Customers

Coinbase is currwentlyu one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the US. Rivalling the likes of bitstamp the ever growing market for bitcoin abroad is spawning various successful business wityh the aim of increasing the viability of bitcoin as a currency and a potential replacement for fiat in the future. Coinbase has announced its acceptance for direct purchases of bitcoin via debit card.

Announced on twitter this will make it much easier to purchase the digital currency compared to current methods which in the US involve multi step processes and sites such as LocalBitcoins are unreliable in some cases. Currently theres is fee of around 3.5% for the purchases but compared to hassle and time saved it may be worth it. Not only will this allow business to purchase bitcoin at ease, this will also significantly boost the remittance industries which can grow while offering users a fair deal as exchanges such as NairaEX can help transfer the bitcoin to Nigeria at minimal cost and within hours !

To conclude the new development will allow for more people to feel the various benefits that bitcoin can offer especially when considering remittances. Not only will coinbase allow allow ordinary people to delve into crypto it will also provide easier access to purchasing bitcoin to many in the US where recently enforced regulations may be a grey area for many. Not only will this help users utilise the power of bitcoin for remittances.

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