CEX.IO To Distribute Segwit Tokens To Bitcoin Holders

Exchanges such as CEX.io have geared up for the potential hardfork which may come in the form of Segwit. The exchange predicts the hardfork may occur on the 18th of November but has sent out assurances to its members that their balances will remain secure on the exchange. Holders of bitcoin will receive the same amounts of Segwit2x tokens as bitcoins held in their balance on the CEX exchange.


Cex.io remains one of the few exchanges to confirm support for the new token. Just load up your CEX.io wallet and the tokens will automatically be delivered to you. What you do next is entirely up to you ! Many will be selling the tokens as they are essentially free cash, but the trading pairs are yet to be announced on the CEX.io exchange.

Currently you can trade on the future of the split on Bitfinex by essentially betting on the outcome of the Segwit implementation. You can essentially buy tokens for bitcoin from the Bitfinex exchange, with the tokens being converted to bitcoin and B2X if the hardfork actually occurs.

To conclude, bitcoin users are advised to make sure their wallets are filled by the 18th of November. As similar to the previous hardforks which users may have taken part in, the amount of tokens you receive during the fork will be proportional to the amount of bitcoin you have in your wallet. Pleas check with your bitcoin exchange if you will be rewarded your tokens as some exchanges such as BitMEX will not be supporting the token. You can purchase bitcoins at market premium rates from NairaEX, Nigeria’s leading bitcoin exchange and have them delivered to your wallet within a matter of hours !

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