Bitland ICO Live As Funding Round Commences

We have talked about the Bitland project before on the site highlighting its aims to become a leading land registry service built on the current blockchain technologies that fuel the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The first round of funding for the project is well underway in the form of a ICO which aims to raise enough funding to maintain operations for the first year and to hopefully build a Bitland center in Africa.

“To get through the first year of operations, the team has allotted 20 million Cadastrals to be used in an ICO to establish the first operational Bitland Center,”

The Open ledger platform will be used to host the blockchain technologies run by the project. Furthermore the Cadastrals will be the digital tokens distributed via ICO to allow users access to the blockchain service. Like any other ICO the tokens are essentially a investment and will also allow you to become a part of the community which directs future milestones and developments the company makes. The ICO is set to end on the first of June !

“The ICO will be hosted by CCEDK, and the funds will be held in escrow on the OpenLedger platform.”

To conclude this may be the first opportunity to get involved with the national project aimed to alleviate the needs of land registration while emphasizing the user driven and adaptable environment which is rarely seen in fiat businesses. Aiming to combat corruption and providing locals with a valuable service to enhance legal representation, the project has been hailed as allowing users to protect their property and liberties and the project is set to rocket as the funding starts to have a impact on growth.


This Article is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest please invest with due diligence as while every effort has been made to verify the integrity of the project we can not be held responsible for any financial loss.

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