Bitcoin Smashes The $1000 Mark To Start The Year

Bitcoin trading has started off the year with a bang with many investors surprised to see the $1000 dollar mark being smashed so early in the year. Predictions from many investors including the BTC.NG site were proven true as prices vaulted up to $1000 late on the first of January. Currently Bitcoin prices are sitting at an average of $1021 across a number of books.


The $1000 mark is extremely significant for testing the market’s strength. Many early members of the community may remember the last time this price point was broken. This was a short and brief burst of success which was followed by a huge drop in prices as markets crashed due to unsustainable growth. However many analysts are convinced the current period of growth will last much longer and provide  Bitcoin the much needed legitimacy to be recognised as a safe form of investment. Considering Bitcoin prices have remained in the positive for the past year, this year may be the best so far!

The year has already sneaked up to some of the highest figures seen in Bitcoin history. Many agree, this year will see a stable phase as Bitcoin projects initiated over the last 2 years come to completion, adoption will also increase. In terms of Bitcoin prices this year may see records being broken as growth currently is unrestricted due to the huge volumes seen this year.

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