Bitcoin Online Community for Middle East and North Africa

North America and Europe have Bitcointalk as a platform for Bitcoin discussion and a service to allow promotion of various Bitcoin related events and developments whilst the majority of Africa does not have a single platform for Bitcoin discussion. However, one group, namely AskBitcoiner aims to be the first community centered around Bitcoin to serve the African markets.

AskBitcoiner aims to grow into a fully functional platform allowing businessmen and Bitcoin consumers to directly communicate with each other sharing thoughts and opinions as well as their own ideas for the future of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Generally, Africa does not have one main Bitcoin forum so the introduction of AskBitcoiner may help to fill this void uniting the ever increasing population of Bitcoin users in the continent.

The service hopes to allow communication between Bitcoin users and also hopes to incentivise and rewards those whore are active. This also bears parallel to the Bitcointalk system where more established and active users are rewarded via signature campaigns by companies although this is not directly controlled by the site admin. The site aims to branch out from the north of Africa encompassing countries such as UAE which have ever growing economies and could benefit hugely from the efficient and cheap nature of Bitcoin transactions, but have simply not been informed about the option which is available to them.

To conclude AskBitcoiner will be the first platform of its kind to be launched in Africa to aid the development of Bitcoin and various other digital currencies, aiming to highlight the benefits and options it can open up for you or your business.

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BTC Nigeria Editorial