Bitcoin To Hit $1000 Mark By End Of 2016 ?

This year ends on a high as Bitcoin closes the day at $961 with this year charting some of the highest prices being hit in the history of Bitcoin. While the high of $1103 may not have been breached, Bitcoin remains extremely stable having seen immense growth.  Where will the Bitcoin go as buy books swell with orders signalling a potential to rise to the $1000 mark.


“At this stage technical traders will be pointing to charts showing overbought signals due to significant jumps in price within a short space of time. It is unclear whether the frenzy to own bitcoin and the underlying demand for the asset will overcome short sellers believing we are near a short-term high.”

John Lee Magnr Founder

The Bitcoin remains stable at the $950 range with plenty of potential to increase to the $1000 mark within the day as the 24 hour volume remains high.

The Future

To conclude the thousand dollar Bitcoin may not come this year but the next holds plenty more surprises for Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. With countries such as China promising to develop crypto technology and even planning to launch its own cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the ever developing advances in payment processing  and identity verification. Stay tuned as the next year will have plenty more surprises coming from the likes of the R3 consortium as internationally, crypto takes a much bigger stage against fiat.

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