Microsofts Latest Project Aiming To Unify Bitcoin And Ether Blockchains

Microsoft has been one of the biggest driving forces in the tech world for a long long time. Considering the multi billion dollar corporation essentially owns around of the 80% OS market it has become the foundation for developers and consumers alike. The Azure platform had a rocky start initially after launch with developer adoption lower than expected by the platform has become one of the largest application development environments especially for web development due to its fairly lightweight nature and environment. The latest move by Microsoft aims to intertwine both the Ethereum Blockchains and the Bitcoin Blockchain into a open source platform for developers to access. The primary aim of the project is to deliver power for the rapid development of projects similar to Bitland, aiming to aid the registry and identity of property in developing nations particularly African and Asian countries.


“Our collaboration with Microsoft and ConsenSys can lead to a global standard for blockchain identity and creating new identities can become as easy as creating new email accounts.”  – Muneeb Ali

The Ethereum and Blockchain platforms have been known for their versatility and many have recognised their potential for legal representation due to their public nature. Over 1.5 billion people remain under represented and have a weak legal position simply because on a official level their identities are incomplete. This has led to many problems for civilians such as ineligibility for bank accounts and school admissions which all require official documentation in this day and age.

To conclude the project will be making use of the OneName  service for Blockchain integration and on Ethereums part the ConsenSys service will be used. With Microsoft becoming the lead driving force behind the project many anticipate a multifunctional product and currently it seems that the project will be a one of a kind , first to link two Blockchains for this purpose and also for attempting registry on a international scale.

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