Reuters Reveals Ethereum Application Concepts

As far as the blockchain goes the Bitcoin one has been prominent in the financial world. The concept of the blockchain has remained unrefined for the majority of the history of crypto however an alternative currency named Ethereum, boasts what was developed as blockchain 2.0. Devcon 2 the Ethereum developers conference recently concluded highlighting the not only Microsoft’s interest but the future Thomson Reuters have for the ever expanding network.

“We spend most of our time working with ethereum demos and building proofs-of-concept with ethereum.”


Reuters were the latest company to explore the applications of the Ethereum blockchain in their own industries. The Reuters brand associated with products such as news and information, revealed how access to information and permissions could be enhanced via the flexibility to develop on the platform.


Many projects were announced in development under the guidance of the company during the conference. Projects released under the partnership project with the R3CEV banking group and future product series were also announced.

To conclude Ethereum may be the ideal altcoin for developers looking to create applications based on the blockchian technology. Bitcoin does remain the ideal coin for asset transfer as the blockchain remains the most transparent and easy to use service in order to track transactions. However as seen throughout devcon, the development possibilities on the blockchain are endless and the future introduction of smart contracts looks to propel the infrastructure to new levels. You too can purchase some currency to use on the platform via Bitcoin.

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