South African Claasen Joins Bitcoin Foundation

The bitcoin foundation has been key to the bitcoin markets for quite  a while now. With the power to massively influence bitcoin and having the lead developers for ongoing upgrading of the complete infrastructure, the Bitcoin foundation remains massively powerful amid growth of new organizations and blockchain evangelists. The newest addition to the multicultural team keeping bitcoin up and running is Llew Claasen, a venture capitalist from Cape Town.

“I think he will be a perfect fit for the organisation as we build on the significant progress we have made,” Vinny Lingham .

South Africa has been a boiling pot for bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies considering Africa as a whole has seen a  increased demand for these currencies. Not only do they provide a valuable store of asset, their potential for trade has also been discussed in earlier articles especially linked to growing Nigerian markets.


“I’ll be working with our Board, the developers, customers and other ecosystem players over the next few weeks to put together a plan that enables us to increase the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide,” Claasen stated.

Classen brings global strategy expertise to the Bitcoin foundation team. Being a venture capitalist his new position as the executive will allow him access to the roadmap and overall direction of bitcoin. We can look forward to a larger Bitcoin presence as African markets overtake Chinese, as bitcoin growth was around 40% in south African markets as the Yuan weakened Chinese markets.

“Broadly speaking, we’re the oldest and largest Bitcoin advocacy group globally,” Claasen told Fin24.

To conclude the appointment of a south African into the foundation will further increase the influence the area has on the organization and hopefully gears the future of bitcoin to be much more friendly to African prospects. These include increasing remittance demands and commercial prospects which bitcoin has been widely regarded as optimal for.

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