Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 will Feature Private Crypto Storage

Samsung Launches S10 with Cryptocurrency Feature

Samsung, world’s largest smartphone producer has now confirmed month-long speculations that its new Galaxy S10 and S10+ mobile phones will include a dedicated storage designed for cryptocurrency private keys.

The flagship device Galaxy S10 was formally unveiled on Wednesday, and includes a new feature for cryptocurrency users called Samsung Knox, which uses hardware security to store private keys for blockchain applications. According to its press release, Samsung explains:

Galaxy S10 is built with defence-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

Samsung’s new device also comes with advanced specifications and an Exynos 9820 chip with PUF technology – an ideal processor for native cryptocurrency wallet. See other specifications here:

The South Korean firm joins a growing list of smartphone companies incorporating crypto custodial utilities in their devices; from HTC to Sirin Labs all announcing the launch of blockchain-enabled phones buyable with only digital currency (BTC or Ether and Sirin token respectively).

Mobile device users, cryptocurrency holders and non-coiners look to have widely welcomed these new Samsung series. This also confirms previous reports that Samsung had filed for several blockchain trademarks in the European Union – (Blockchain KeyStore, BlockchainKey Box and Blockchain Core).

Generally, relying on Samsung’s coverage across borders and huge yearly sales spanning a decade with over 70.4 million units sold in the fourth quarter of 2018, it is sure to top its competitors in the distribution phase and go on it increase crypto adoption through its wide reach.

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