Ledger Releases Bluetooth-Enabled Crypto Hardware Wallet

Popular crypto security and hardware wallet company, Ledger just released a new Bluetooth to mobile phone connectivity wallet.

The new wallet named the Ledger Nano X was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (ECS) 2019 conference in Las Vegas and is an upgrade on the Ledger Nano S USB hardware wallet which is the worlds most popular and sold crypto hardware wallet.

Detailing its functionality, Ledger known as a world leader in cryptocurrency security and blockchain infrastructure solutions states that the new Bluetooth-enabled feature means that Nano X can be used in connectivity with mobile devices. Nano X connects easily through Ledger’s live mobile app to the users smartphone without compromising security.

This latest release, maintains all the features of the Nano S however with a few additions to include: The Nano X possesses six (6X) times more capacity than the Ledger Nano S hence, can store up to 100 crypto assets. The wallet also depicts enhanced security, a larger screen design and improved user experience.

Ledger also announced its ready to launch mobile app (Ledger Live Mobile App) on Google Play and Apple stores which is set to go live on January 28. According to the developers, the app will work in synchronization with the Nano X as it provides users with an on-the-go (mobility) feature to manage and track their crypto transactions as well as check their balances directly from their mobile device.

As a plus in recognition of its outstanding design and engineering, the Ledger Nano X hardware cryptocurrency wallet received the 2019 CES Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy in consumer technology products which protect and enhance digital security.

The ledger Nano X goes for $119 and 119 Euros and is available for shipping from March 2019. Incentives on Pre-order apply.

New Trend: Crypto Wallet and Smart Mobile Devices

In similar fashion, the cryptocurrency security niche looks poised to continue this new trend of mobile phone embedded or linked crypto wallets.

Tech companies like Sony, HTC and Sirin Labs have all developed uniquely variant mobile- embedded or linked cryptocurrency wallets. This latest adoption comes as no surprise considering the flexibility and widespread utility of mobile phones globally.

With predictions projecting about 2.9 smart phone users in 2019, tech companies look to catch in on the trend, ease of use and ready availability of mobile devices with a crypto wallet as an extra feature.

However, it is yet to be known which users and crypto enthusiasts would prefer: A separate hardware wallet, a smartphone embedded crypto wallet or a Bluetooth-mobile device (connectivity linked) wallet?

A Growing Market?

Despite the dip in prices of cryptocurrency assets / coins, coin holders and traders remain greatly active in the industry as more clarity on the cryptocurrency market continues. Ledger had in 2017 made over 1 million wallet sales; a figure and attendant statistics which has attracted interest of other companies to the wallet niche.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency hardware wallets are pitched to be less susceptible to hack attacks than the regular online/web based wallets or holding on exchanges.

According to Ledger president, he says “This industry will not thrive if security isn’t tight. The fear of losing value would prevent crypto from growing. I saw an opportunity to use tech to store cryptocurrencies and secure private keys”.

For more info about the Ledger Nano X, visit: www.ledger.com/ledger-nano-x

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