IMF Poll: Cryptocurrency Leads as Choice Payment Option

IMF Seeks Public Opinion on Future of Payments

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest Twitter Pool has asked users “How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years?” as they look to gauge the public’s view on the future of payment methods. Surprisingly the top answer was cryptocurrencies.

According to poll statistics on its official Twitter handle, the tweet has garnered over 37,000 votes over the last 24 hours and cryptocurrency payments lead the way with 56% of the total votes. Other options trail in the pool in this order: Mobile Payments (27%), Bank Card (9%) and Cash (8%).

IMF Official Twitter Pool Shows Cryptocurrency as Choice Future of Payments

Quite notably, the Ripple (XRP) community again makes a statement; as the third digital currency as is being brandished by its holders who laud it as their preferred alternative.

IMF Knows Crypto is a Big Deal

The International Monetary Fund is a global financial organization consisting about 189 countries, working to foster global monetary co-operation, promote financial stability, foster economic growth, facilitate international trade and reduce poverty.

Making deductive assessments from this recent poll, it shows the level of openness and adoption stakes for cryptocurrencies, the numbers show a growing awareness trend by the public and faith in the suitability of digital currencies for payments globally.

For IMF this poll further confirms the organization’s interest around the cryptocurrecny industry with IMF MD Christine Largarde lauding digital currencies and their underlying blockchain technology.

IMF Boss Christine Largarde on Cryptocurrency

Also recently, Largarde described cryptos as having a “strong impact on the financial sector as evident from changing business models of commercial banks like JP Morgan’s (JPM Coin)” while urging banks to step up to the impending crypto/blockchain revolution amid calls for trust and cautious regulation.

Did you vote in the IMF poll? What are your thoughts on this? Is the world set for cryptocurrencies?

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