Hublot Debuts Blockchain Modeled Watch, Only Bitcoin Payments Accepted

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watch brand has released a new product called the Big Bang Blockchain Watch. This new model was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (BTC) creation.

This latest release is a special limited edition and will have only 210 pieces designed and available for purchase to the public; with only digital currency, Bitcoin (BTC) as the permissible currency for payment though a few more options are been considered to include Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero payments. The unique 210 pieces are pitched to symbolize the hard cap of Bitcoin which is 21 million units hence specifying the fact that only 21 million Bitcoin will ever be mined into existence or be available for circulation.

The company’s partner on the project is digital asset brokerage firm, OS Limited (OSL) which is saddled with the advertising, promoting, sales and order obligations of this blockchain model. Once payment is made for any piece of the Big Bang watch, a pre-sale confirmation mail is sent to the buyer as authentication proof; while the watch is to be delivered at the beginning of 2019, it will come engraved with a unique serial number which in fact is the transaction ID of the blockchain used to make the purchase.

Speaking at the press release, representatives of the watch brand expressed their enthusiasm and support for cryptocurrency, they described Bitcoin as a ‘great revolution in the financial system’ and opined that decentralization is important for the market as it allows information to be distributed in a way that nobody has the power to suppress it. The team at Hublot also lauded blockchain technology as very original and can be used in varying aspects of the society.

As expected, this limited edition Blockchain-patterned watch by Hublot, will be mostly bought by top class investors and CEO’s as the luxury brand boasts of a classy reputation and a set standard for high end tech watches with mouth watering price tags, conspicuously the watch’s price isn’t listed on the purchase page.


Bitcoin was originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis. Satoshi published its white paper on 31st of October, 2008 and titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’.

Ten years later and even after many have at varying points labelled Bitcoin a dead end, Bitcoin and crypto have stayed relevant, useful and promising in all stances especially when compared to traditional fiat currency. At this time Bitcoin sits at number one spot on the coin market cap standings at $114 billion with a price of about $6600 per coin.

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