How Steemit Is Fast Becoming A Hub for Africans

Steemit in Africa

Africans are one of the people that have found Steemit attractive. The blockchain based social media/blogging platform is fast becoming a hub for internet savvy in sub-Saharan Africa who are now realising the platform can open doors of money making opportunities for them online.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is similar to every other social media website but it is decentralised, based on a blockchain and powered by its cryptocurrency known as Steem.

Unlike social network and microblogging sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, Steemit rewards users who use their platform with incentives in the form of a token known as steem. As an open source platform, Steemit is witnessing an influx of new users; according to reports, the social networking website gets 2000 users per day.

Steemit: Africans New Found Hub

Typically content creators from Africa use platforms such as Facebook, Blogger amongst others to post their content. However many are now bypassing these popular platforms and opting for Steemit where they can earn online while doing what they love.

Interestingly the Steem platform is now attracting registration from hundreds of Africans every week. Several initiatives have been launched by existing members of Steemit within Africa in a bid to promote the Steem platform. Some have even created Steem hubs across various cities and universities in Africa, while others organise a monthly meet-up.

Impressed by the influx of Africans joining the platform, decided to interview some existing members of the Steemit platform. Fortunately, we were able to talk with two popular members of the Steemit community in Africa to hear more from them.

In a close chat with Steemit users Toju Kaka from Nigeria and Tuah Kwabena Acheampong from Ghana, according to two of them, they joined Steemit why looking for how to make money online. While Toju taught Steemit was just another blogging platform, Samuel said he was hoping to make some profit trading the steem token.

Toju Kaka: I felt it was just a blogging platform. I didn’t know that it has anything to do with blockchain

Tuah Kwabena: Steem was a token I was hoping to trade and get profits due to how stable it was.  Upon research, I realised Steemit was a store of quality and well-tested ideas as well and as such something posted there will have a much higher credibility than on another site. I decided to give it a try.

Secondly, According to Toju, one unique thing he found interesting about the platform has been able to make money just posting random stuff. Samuel, on the other hand, said he was motivated by how different people are coming together to solve problems.

Toju Kaka: When I saw that people could make money from just posting random stuff I was enthused. Steemit, in my opinion, is a gifting economy come in and people will start throwing money at you. Everyone was nice to each other because being liked meant money.

Tuah Kwabena: When I joined Steemit, I thought it was for some few elite white communities until I discovered all sort of races working together in real time to solve man’s problems. A program that particularly excited me most is the project Stach which is aimed at teaching people about the blockchain. It is fully funded by steem and managed by one Steemit user Ejemai.

Steemit works based on the proof of brain concept, we decided to ask them, what they have developed for the platform. Toju who said this would be his third year on platform stressed he’s being very active in building a community for steemit. Samuel, on the other hand, said he’s been on the platform for almost two years and contributed to the growth of the platform through his writing.

Toju Kaka: I started many of the thriving communities, was involved in the formation of Steem accelerator hubs in Uyo and we had plans to create another office in Ibadan and I bootstrapped the steem community in delta state.

Tuah Kwabena: I have many contributions to the steem blockchain, mostly in writing and spreading blockchain awareness. With the help of some other Ghanaians, we have been able to establish a Ghanaian community on Steemit which is aimed at educating people on blockchain technologies and the likes.

Finally, we asked both of them why the platform is attracting Africans, for Toju he said there could be no other reason except money. While Samuel stressed that the rate of unemployment in the continent and censorship could be a major reason,

Tuah Kwabena: Youths are becoming on employed as the day goes by, its only imperative for a graduate to find something he can do. Blockchain technology is an avenue that is open to all and Steemit makes it easier by investing your mind and time to earn a stake which can be converted to money. Also, censorship has become a great problem to social media influencers and as such major social media influencers are moving into decentralised platform where they can freely voice out their thoughts with zero fear.

You can follow Toju and Tuah on Steemit @TojuKaka And @Tj4real

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