A Cryptocurrency Wallet Service for Whatsapp Users

Wuabit Launches a Cryptocurrency Wallet Integrated on WhatsApp

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies  look set for mainstream adoption with the release of a wallet linked to WhatsApp – the most popular messaging app with billions of users globally.

According to Express.co.uk, the new wallet app called Wuabit features a cryptocurrency wallet accessible via a chat interface in WhatsApp which allows users access to blockchain services from the chat app.

Describing its usage, the developers say the Wuabit app acts as a software agent using Artificial Intelligence (A.I). WhatsApp users simply type in commands like “Send 0.005 BTC to Vera” and the Wuabit wallet app will send the BTC to the receiver.

Screenshot Image of Wuabit WhatsApp Interface

Further details by a spokesman for the wallet company state that the wallet service will kick-start with the Bitcoin Core (BTC) and subsequently support other cryptocurrencies. Also, the wallet will be operational on other messaging platforms including Facebook messenger, Viber and Telegram.

The company’s intent for mass crypto adoption and understanding of the emerging industry is also highlighted by the spokesman as he believes that by integrating on a popular platform like WhatsApp, Wuabit will stir up more public interests in the mainstream cryptocurrency industry. In his words

Crypto payments via WhatsApp can introduce greater numbers of new users who only know how to chat to this complicated space…Usability is key in user adoption and a great enabler.

A public utility of the Wuabit-WhatsApp wallet service is billed to start next month. See more details on www.wuabit.com

Growing Adoption

It will be recalled that earlier this year, rumours of a Facebook coin (Facecoin) and digital currency for WhatsApp had filled the crypto space especially with both social media outfits now under one authority and with moves made to hire cryptocurrency experts by Facebook, the chances of its reality become more visible.

Also, the news and actual projects carried out in this regard do not only serve the cryptocurrency community, it also goes on to breed mainstream adoption considering the billions of users and wide coverage of these social media platforms across the globe.

Statistics show that an average of 3 billion people have access to the internet and regularly utilize these platforms which is a positive factor for adoption as the number of users increases continuosly.

Despite these positives, a lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies among public majority is still seen by experts as a hindering factor for growth within the space.

Do you think cryptocurrency integration on day-to-day apps will foster adoption and education around the industry? Share your thought in the comments

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