600 Crypto Miners Stolen From Iceland Resurfaced ?

Iceland authority’s are curious about the origins of well over 600 crypto miners which were discovered in raids in china. In Tianjin, police recovered the miners along with hundreds of power supplies, motherboards and even CPU’s as the covert operations were uncovered amid huge electricity consumption.

Bitcoin mining in itself is a energy dependent process, but the scale of operations in Tianjin meant the power draw was on a level not unseen recently. As the criminals had modified nearby electrical junction boxes, power plant operators began seeing a demand increase exponentially. Civilian alterations to state infrastructure are a common problem with many stealing electricity from neighbors with blatant disregard of health and safety laws. Authority’s in Iceland have forwarded correspondence as striking similarities between the seizure and the haul from crypto robberies in December have been highlighted.

The great bitcoin heist.

Dubbed the great bitcoin heist, the theft of well over $2 million worth of mining equipment occurred in Iceland. In a spate of robberies which lasted 4 days, suspected ringleader Sindri Thor Stefansson, took part in the theft of over 600 crypto miners. Worth an excess of $2 million, the robbery remains the largest theft of physical miners in recent history. Furthermore, in a story which wouldn’t seem out of place in an action movie, Sindri Thor Stefansson escaped from his prison transport van before walking over 60 miles to the nearest airport. At the airport the criminal also managed to board the same flight as the Icelandic prime minister. Sadly his run of luck came to a end as he was arrested subsequently in Amsterdam.

To conclude, Chinese authority have confiscated over 600 crypto miners in the Tianjin area. Alerted by power plant officers, the crypto miners seized have made Icelandic authorities curious due to the striking similarities with thefts in December suggesting a potential link.

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