Bitfury Launches Blockchain Project With Government Of Ukraine

Bitcoin adoption in a government environment has only been suggested on an experimental basis till now, but Bitfury, the makers of countless series of popular Bitcoin miners, have announced their partnership with him Ukrainian government to deliver a blockchain based data organization platform. It is hoped that the platform would be integrated into various services like public transport and public health which are maintained by the state.

ukraine the new bitfury destination

“This agreement will result in an entirely new ecosystem for state projects based on blockchain technology in Ukraine,” Oleksandr Ryzhenko, head of the State Agency for eGovernance of Ukraine, said in an emailed response to Reuters questions.

“Our aim is clear and ambitious — we want to make Ukraine one of the world’s leading blockchain nations.”

The country also cited its need to protect and distribute assets effectively and the blockchain technology being transparent and secure would provide for the needs of various individuals and state businesses.


To conclude Ukrainian integration of the blockchain network for organization and management of its governmental records is one of the biggest implications of the technology so far. Supported by the Bitfury group, the integration potentially signals to further experimentation and adoption of blockchain technology into a political setting. As described previously there are also possibilities in Syria as many attempt to create an independent state governed by cryptocurrencies. Bitfury has also successfully cooperated with the Georgian government to make land registry and ownership transparent by using the blockchain technology in a similar way to Bitland in Africa. Investing well over $100 million in the mining facility in Georgia, the Ukrainian project will be most ambitious project Bitfury has taken on!

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