Top Tennis Player – Serena Williams Invested in Coinbase

Tennis player Serena Williams Invests in 30 Companies Including Coinbase
Serena Williams Invested in Crypto Exchange – Coinbase

World famous lawn tennis player Serena Williams recently made public her investment business, with a publication showing her company is invested in over 30 companies including US based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase since 2014.

The investment company named Serena Ventures was announced publicly via a post on her official Instagram page on April 17. The post (@serenawilliams) reads:

In 2014, (yes i know I can keep a secret) I launched Serena Ventures with the mission of giving opportunities to founders across an array of industries. Serena Ventures invests in companies that embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity and opportunity… Slide right to see a few brands in our portfolio. We have so many exciting things coming up! Learn more at Link in bio.

Serena Williams notifies followers of Investment in Coinbase via Instagram post

A view of the official Serena Ventures website pitches the market cap of the firm as over $12 billion with the diversity of the founders of the company invested being 60%. The website also states that the fund is focused on early stage companies while encouraging collaboration and partnership.

Some comments as related to the post read: @horly27 “Wow also invested in bitcoin”

@joellewi5 “She’s got a huge following! Crypto snail called adoption is speeding up!”

@dropppaa “Next Warren Buffet she’s so mind open she even invested in crypto”

@snakespice “Ayeee crypto”

@built2grind1000 “Welcome to the #blockchain”

Other lauded her moves, with a few making permutations over her recent marriage to Alexis Ohanian (her husband) an entrepreneur, co-founder of Reddit and co-founder of initialized.coma venture capital firm with $36 billion market value; which they believe contributed to her interests in business and relationship.

Williams a four-time gold medal champion at the Olympics and former world tennis number 1 is said to have an estimated net worth of about $180 million. In other news, recent reports have pitched venture capital investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups to hit a new all-time high this year.

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