Walmart Applies For Patent On A Blockchain Based Delivery Service

Walmart has officially outlined plans for a patent named the  “Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method” based on blockchain technology. The method outlined, will allow the company to fulfill customer deliveries in the absence of a receiver. As seen below, the service will make use of blockchain to allow adaptation for a number of scenarios.

“Each space on the docking station has a corresponding capacity unit for each location on the docking station. The transactions for the capacity units are tracked in a ledger, with available capacity units indicating an open location on the docking station or contracted out capacity units indicating that either the location has a locker secured thereto or that the location is reserved for a future delivery,” Walmart

Walmart’s proposal further outlines a network of delivery boxes and locations which will be tracked through a platform built on current blockchain technology. Allowing the corporation to perform a variety of actions such as observing the capacity of lockers, securing lockers and making the delivery process cheaper and faster due to the automation blockchain allows. The project may launch in the US, with the country being the home ground for the corporate giant.

“In some embodiments, the docking stations utilize a blockchain reservation system. As such, each docking station can be a node within a blockchain network.”

To conclude, Walmart, the biggest grocer in the US, is set to develop a blockchain based delivery service. The domestic service will aim to deliver user goods to lockers which can be in public areas or outside customer property, and make use of blockchain technology to track progress of deliveries and even capacity of lockboxes. Currently blockchain technology has been used in digitalizing supply chains and even allowing delivery of foods to be tracked and observed.

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