Two Nigerian Companies Integrates Blockchain Technology to Transform the Lottery Industry

Blockchain Lottery

Nigeria is no doubt one of the African countries, blockchain technology is starting to take root.

The gaming industry including lottery companies in the country is now embracing this innovative technology to bring about fairness and take the industry to the next level.

Two gaming and lottery companies in Nigeria are set to deploy blockchain technology into their gaming platforms.

One of Nigeria’s largest gaming companies, the International Lottery, and Gaming Limited, popularly known as NaijaLottery, signed a partnership deal with blockchain based lottery platform Quanta to revitalize the traditional lottery for better.

Quanta a gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain is the first fully certified and licensed blockchain lottery in the world.

According to a statement released, Managing Director, Naija Lottery, Charbel Saadeh, stated,

Now is the time to build on the momentum of the traditional Nigerian lottery market. Together, we will continue to build a safe and trustful platform that ensures fairness and transparency, while offering amazing functionality to players and helping to boost the local economy,” as quoted by The Punch

Another gaming platform in Nigeria also wants to disrupt the lottery industry by introducing blockchain technology.

Bingo9ja plans to change the perception of gaming enthusiasts by integrating the innovative technology to make games available to all gamers across the board.

According to the parent company, Ikorne Games, the plans to deploy blockchain technology into Bingo9ja platform is to make it easy and stress-free for users to play from the comfort of their homes using their blockchain-enabled mobile application, blockchain deployed terminals and USSD codes.

According to the CEO and Founder of Ikorne Games, Eni Eniola, the plans to integrate blockchain technology into Bingo9ja platform is to break the stigma attached to playing conventional lotteries in Nigeria.

The intention of the company is to use the ease and proliferation of mobile phones whilst also leveraging on cutting-edge technology to make gaming more accessible to everyone. – as quoted by local newspaper The Guardian

Introducing blockchain technology into the gaming industry in Nigeria is a welcome development as it revitalizes the sector and brings about the much-needed transparency and fairness which will, in turn, launch the industry to a new height.

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