Sirin Labs Launches World’s First Blockchain Smartphone

Sirin Labs, an Israeli owned company has now announced the commercial launch of the first blockchain phone called the ‘Finney’. The device is available for purchase after initial unveiling of plans towards its development, earlier in the year.

According to developers, the blockchain smartphone named after late Bitcoin developer Hal Finney, is set to offer users a complete secure and mobile blockchain experience with an embedded cryptocurrency wallet.

Detailing it specifications, the phone features a 6-inch touch screen display, 128 GB Storage, Android version 8.1., Nano Sim, 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel selfie camera. Other unique features include:

  • Runs on encrypted Sirin OS with an extra firewall for security; which makes the device hard to compromise.
  • Three-Factor authentication: Lock Pattern, Biometric, Behavioural.
  • Physical security switch (for wallet protection).
  • A decentralized (DApps) store which allows users access to earn new coins and tokens as well as learn about new crypto projects.

Also remarkable is its in-built wallet which comes with the Token Conversion Service (TCS). The TCS allows Finney owners swap coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) without sending their tokens to an external exchange.

Speaking on its achievement, Chairman of Sirin Labs Kenes Rakishev stated;

In an increasingly insecure digital world, with hackers across all corners of the globe; consumers need a product that gives them confidence their data is safe. The Finney is unique and wholesomely secure with an embedded cold storage wallet. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Reiterating the Chairman’s remarks, Founder and CEO of Sirin Labs Moshe Hogeg remarks:

We are taking a huge step in bridging the gap between blockchain economy and the consumer market. Finney is the mobile and truly secure experience crypto holders have been longing for.

The Finney smartphone is priced at $999 and is available for purchase on the company’s website; with its own crypto token SRN also a permissible mode of payment for discounts. The product will also join the Amazon Launchpad program in January.

Sirin Labs further intimated on plans to launch two stores in London and Tokyo; December 2018 and January 2019 respectively. The company explains that both stores will provide services for better glimpse of the new device and also act as a blockchain academy for individuals in the community looking to learn about cryptocurrency solutions.

The company is also quoted to have partnered Foxconn the same manufacturer of Apple iphones for the development of the Finney. A partnership which they say demonstrates the company’s desire to develop a mass marketable smartphone to operate within blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-Wallet Embedded Smartphones

Besides the Sirin Labs latest release, a few other mobile phone companies have unveiled plans to develop blockchain-based smartphones with an infusion of cryptocurrency wallets. Such top brands include Huawei, ASUS, Motorola among others; with this development a sure trend which would improve adoption.

Notably, Taiwanese HTC made public its impending release of its own blockchain smartphone; the HTC Exodus 1 (see here) which is priced at $600 with ‘only’ BTC and ETH payments permissible.

Would you like to own a Finney blockchain device? What are your thoughts on the DApp feature?





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