Sentinel ICO Begins, To Bank The Unbanked

The sentinel token sale has begun allowing the public to buy into what may grow into a revolutionary service in the future.


The main ideas driving the project include the need to bank the unbanked. Granting huge financial freedom to local populations, the token aims to be a asset rather currency. Highlighted as one of its uses, the token will be able to insure clients when taking out financial loans with the guarantee being placed against livestock owned by the borrower. Promoting growth for clients, investors will also be integrated to a significant degree as the blockchain will enable facilitation of loan agreements, international payments/remittances and fulfillment of online business via crypto.

The token is also integrated in the CrossPay service allowing for international payments and even remittances. The application allows for payments on mobile devices making banking much easier for the unbanked. Considering the population of mobile users in Africa has exploded over the last decade, penetration of the new application is set to be a record highs once released.

Furthermore, the project also aims to develop trading venues for the unbanked. Currently banks remain the primary platform for investment, allowing their clients access to a range of funds and profitable opportunities. However Sentinel aims to change all this by allowing the token to be part of the crowdfunding service set to be offered. Allowing a direct approach to investment, token holders will be able to make profit investing in local and growing businesses.

Prospects for economic growth are set to be emphasized as a number of services offered on the platform provide essentially funding, backing and opportunity for local businesses. Initially we discussed the crowd funding opportunities presented by the project, but for unbanked population getting funding from banks, the tokens represent a myriad of potential. Initially the tokens themselves can be used as collateral for funding, but also allowing local companies to invest via agreements on the blockchain.

To conclude, the Sentinel crowd sale is currently underway allowing you to purchase some tokens for yourself. There is also a 25% sale bonus allowing you to get much more token for your money. The bonus is set to expire by March when the bulk of tokens are set to be sold. You can visit, to participate in the pre-sale of the tokens.

Disclaimer : The author is not affiliated with the project, please invest responsibly at your own discretion.

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