North Korea Set to Host its First-Ever International Crypto Conference

North Korea World Crypto Conference

North Korea is set to join an elite group of world countries looking towards the crypto sphere as it prepares to host its first ever International Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Conference.

The conference which is slated for October 1 to 3, 2018 will play host to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts, professionals and industry leaders from around the world in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Through the event, North Korea is widely expected to exhibit its Blockchain technology advancements and attract potential investor attention to new projects and start-ups. In the course of the 3-day conference, attendees will also have a chance to meet with North Korean business executives and most definitely form ties for further projects.

The conference however comes at a surprising time especially with the North Korea’s controversial cum hostile international relations with predominant increase in its notoriety for cryptocurrency exchange hacks which some analysts suspect are sponsored by Kim Jong-un (North Korea’s President). Earlier this year, its sister nation South Korea had accused the country of stealing over $530 million from its cryptocurrency exchanges in a series of attacks.

President Kim Jong-un

Regardless, media sources believe the conference may stir a move for more flexibility by the North Korean Government especially as regards its international policies and for better tourist friendly relations which have been severed; notably the United States banning its citizens from visiting the Asian big power amid concerns of security, illegal arrest and international sanctions.

Further analysis also suggests that this new crypto romance by the North Korean Government could be an avenue to ‘show off’ its Blockchain achievements or maybe hinged on its need to evade sanctions especially those of the United States. In all, even as these fears and controversies tarry, the growing interest of world countries and top industries is a pointer to an emerging domination of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (Blockchain).

As the conference draws close, enthusiasts and industry players are keen to watch its outcome and likely post-conference effect.



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