Kenya To Intergrate Blockchain Tech Into Voting Process

Elections have always remained a controversial subject among a number of country’s. With a handful of countries experiencing huge electoral violence and others plagued with corruption, Kenya is looking to blockchain technology to revolutionize the voting process.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya also hopes blockchain technology will be able to provide real time results helping to eradicate corruption and electoral fraud as the transparent nature of the blockchain will be able to lend elections considerable credibility.

The level of violence remains fatal as the 2017 election in Kenya alone saw hundreds killed in clashes related to the election. It remains to be said, civilians aren’t alone in disputing the voting process with candidates also accusing each other of fraudulent practices. In the case of last years rerun of the election, despite failing to take part, Odinga held a swearing in ceremony claiming the title of “Peoples President” at a inauguration event as he claimed the state were going to rig the elections against him. The political landscape remains volatile this year too as in Zimbabwe violence saw 6 killed and hundreds injured as the MDC Alliance attempted to challenge the outcome of the election by claiming huge theft of votes etc.

Sierra Leone became the first country to incorporate blockchain technology into their voting processes earlier this year. It is hoped the inclusion of blockchain technology in Kenya will help avoid further national clashes between opposition supporters by helping to increase trust and transparency for voters and electoral candidates too.

The country has remained a hotbed for the application of blockchain technology as the country’s Information Minister Joseph Mucheru confirmed efforts to aid the land registry services with blockchain technology to enable transparency and efficiency.

To conclude, we may see the introduction of blockchain based elements integrated into the Kenyan voting process.

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