HTC Unveils Its First Ever Blockchain Phone – Exodus

HTC has officially unveiled the Exodus phone which will be the first major blockchain phone on the planet. While smaller projects exist, HTC aim to scale up blockchain technology , allowing all users to be connected on the go.

“If we look at the industry, there are moving in two directions. One side is 100% centralized so that the platform company knows all the details of the users. The value the platform companies can provide is fully customized service to each single person. The more the user shares to the platform company, the better-customized services the platform companies can provide. On the opposite side, there are the users who care about their privacy more and want to own their information and identification. As the phone is the most personal device we use every day, we want to work on the decentralized eco-system with the users who care most about their privacy.”

Rather than remain a gimmick, the feature is set to be completely integrated in the phone as blockchain technology will not only be accessible to a set of apps on the platform, Exodus phones are set to use blockchain technology to also allow portable devices to store user funds safely offline. With the end game being a complete node in your pocket, HTC envision a future where mobile devices serve as points of access for crypto users.

The Taiwanese manufacturing giant has reiterated the potential of the mobile devices as while they may not compare to full desktop and server nodes, providing functionality remains the main goal of the project. Furthermore, the corporation also revealed the device will be making use of existing blockchain technologies such as those employed by Ethereum, opting to go for the tried and tested code rather than risking complications. The device is set to launch later this year according to HTC.

To conclude, the Exodus phones unveiled recently by HTC is set to exclusively use blockchain technology. Not only allowing users to use the protocol to store funds, but also interact with Ethereum and other blockchains on the go. A initial offering will be provided allowing users to purchase the device with bitcoin and Ethereum being used as payment methods.

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