Forbes Under 30: One Nigerian, Three others in the Crypto Sector Listed

Forbes, popular magazine and global media company recently released its picks for the annual Forbes 30-Under-30 list for 2019.

The Forbes media showcases achievements and wealth valuations across various industry sectors of human endeavour, including special features around certain age ranges. Major features on the 2019 under-30 list include Four (4) young founders and CEOs aged between 25 and 28; who are all recognized for their works on crypto finance, blockchain scaling and crypto asset management.

These honourable mentions include: Olaoluwa Osuntokun (Nigeria, 25), Nader Al-Naji (26), JB Rubinovitz (26) and Hunter Horsley (28); with all four making their debut appearances on the list for contributions using blockchain tech to solve real world problems in their various start-ups.

Here’s a brief insight on their various contributions and works:

OLAOLUWA OSUNTOKUN: Born Nigerian and moved to the U.S as a child, Olaoluwa makes his debut on Forbes. He is a co-founder of Lighting Labs, the organization noted for its work in creating a scaling (lighting) solution for the Bitcoin blockchain. He has successfully raised over $2.5 million towards increasing the bitcoin transaction speed.

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NADER AL-NAJI: With over $133 million raised from a list of prominent investors including Bain Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Stanley Druckenmiller; Nader has been able to develop a U.S. Dollar pegged stablecoin named Basis. Targeted at central banks where the USD currency is unstable, such as in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina which have been rocked by political bias and hyperinflation respectively.

Basis aims to stand out from other stablecoins as it intends to stay independent using increase and decrease supply algorithms rather than rely on the backing of traditional currency reserves; an issue that has plagued the more common USDT.

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JB RUBINOVITZ: Co-founder of Bail Bloc also makes the Forbes list, his company utilizes a cryptocurrency mining framework to raise bail for qualified individuals who cannot afford it. The need stems from statistics that about 65% of people awaiting trial in U.S. jails are there because they cannot afford bail.

Rubinowitz’ firm provides these individuals a fairer chance of justice.

HUNTER HORSLEY: formerly a product manager at Facebook, is currently the CEO of Bitwise Asset Management. His firm is a pioneer in cryptocurrency index funds and currently maintains four cryptocurrency indices that are used by over 600 multifamily offices; which by extension promotes crypto assets for mainstream institutions.


Despite the current market downtrend, cryptocurrency and blockchain players are making headlines across the globe. Notably, in recent profit and wealth evaluations companies like Coinbase and Binance continue to show great potential and results; especially with the recent listing of Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong as the world’s latest cryptocurrency billionaire.

The listing of these four (4) young individuals also makes a strong case as regards the industry’s potential to proffer real world solutions and the profitability of the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. In same vein, reports are rife on huge wages for work done in the cryptocurrency industry, from blockchain engineering, cryptocurrency journalism, developers, whitepaper edits and many more.

It is certainly unbeatable that the industry is here to stay and to be part of its massive potential and profits, acquiring basic skills and activities within the industry are a great step in the right direction. Just as most western universities have taken to offer blockchain courses and student scholarships for this emerging industry.

For crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, this trend will only increase with time and adoption on the horizon.

Have you got a skill relevant to the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain industry? Be sure to contribute your quota and harness the benefits and profits of its full potential.



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