US State Of Delaware Begins Blockchain Healthcare Trial

Blockchain technology has been exploding recently with its applications spanning the logistics, service and even the fintech industries. Recently the Medical Society of Delaware has unraveled its trial to demonstrate the viability of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry in the USA.


The project aims to lay the groundwork for effective communication between insurers and healthcare establishments by allowing universal access to patient records by the various parties involved in treatment of patients. This also comes as one of the biggest projects since the regulations for blockchain development were laid out by the state. Essentially giving the go ahead for legal development of blockchain applications, the bill also aimed to promote further experimentation of the technology in a civilian setting. The bill also encouraged further use of blockchain technology for recording assets in a business setting too.

“We are confident that this proof-of-concept will not only address this particular pain point, but will lay the groundwork for streamlining other healthcare administrative issues as well.”

To conclude, the medical society of Delaware has announced its project based on blockchain technology which aims to increase the speed and service the healthcare industry can provide. Aiming to unite medical insures with healthcare deliverers such as hospitals, the project is being developed in conjunction with Symbiont with aid from Medscient. Considering the cost saving possibilities, the project may have, the project may even reduce the prices of insurance as ObamaCare and state insurance policies come under attack leaving most of the middle class uninsured.

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