US Rapper Lil Pump Now Accepting Bitcoins on his Online store

Lil Pump now accepts bitcoin payments on his merchandise store
US Rapper Lil Pump now Accepts Bitcoin Payments on his Online Store

Lil Pump, an 18-year-old Colombian-American rapper is now accepting bitcoin payments on his official merchandise store.

The rapper’s “Unhappy” store will accept bitcoins via the Lightning Network – a way to send and receive bitcoin transactions almost instantly with very low fees. So for every Lil Pump T-shirt, keychain or merchandise, you have a bitcoin payment option.

Lightning Network is becoming a household term around the crypto space especially considering its scalability and effort by developers to ensure bitcoin remains competitive as the number one cryptocurrency in an increasingly crowded niche.

Lil Pump famous for his 2017 hit single “Gucci Gang” which hit the top 3 on billboard charts, will by accepting Bitcoin payments boost up awareness around the cryptocurrency asset especially among his youthful-millennial audience which according to surveys, have become more open and aware about bitcoin utility.

The rapper boasts of about 17.8 million and 1.2 million followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively; quite a number for average publicity around the merchandise and payments option. It will also be recalled that Lil Pump was featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2019, no mean feat for a teenager.

The rapper joins an elite list of rappers, influencers and entertainers who have made moves around the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, including the late Nipsey Hussle who had advocated about the industry.

See Nipsey Hussle’s Interview here:

Even though Bitcoin and cryptocurrency acceptance at retail stores both online and in the real world are low, there is a growing adoption and call for use of these digital currencies as means of payment, combined with more awareness around blockchain and decentralization.

What do you think of popular celebrities accepting bitcoin? Do you expect a huge shift in awareness and adoption?




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