UNICEF Accepting Crypto Donations Via Browser Mining

UNICEF, a unanimously known charity engaged with various aid efforts across the globe, has begun accepting crypto donations. The catch being crypto donations can only be made using visitors processing power to mine tokens. The tokens will be sold to purchase fiat to aid funding for vulnerable children in Australia.

Using the infamous Coinhive script as one of the primary mining applications, simply opening the site created by the foundation will enable you to donate to the cause. While the Coinhive script has previously been abused by a number of websites looking to exploit their visitors processing power, UNICEF aim to give the user complete control even allowing them to opt in at their own convenience.

“Mining is perfectly safe for your computer. If you’re ever worried about power consumption, turn down the amount of processing power you’re donating.”

Some have raised concerns regarding the potential harm which could be caused by browser mining on home PC’s which are usually only equipped with standard cooling. To help alleviate user worries the platform also allows users to choose how much processing power they are willing to donate to the cause. As users remain on the site, the mining process continues allowing the contributions made to accumulate over time.

To conclude, UNICEF are current fundraising donations using cryptocoins. By allowing users to essentially donate processing power, the site will effectively mine crypto like Monero using the Coinhive script before converting the coins generated into fiat. Currently all funds generated by the program will be used to fund UNICEF Australia, helping to support vulnerable children all around the country by providing essential supplies including vaccines and food.

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