Tokyo’s Nightlife Lit as Clubs Now Accept Crypto Payments

Tokyo Nightclubs Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments

The term digital currency or cryptocurrency has overtime been associated with just fintech and investments. However, in line with the new wave, the entertainment industry just got a buzz; with nightclubs in Tokyo, Japan its latest adopters.

According to recent reports, top rated nightclubs in Tokyo are set to incorporate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments for bills come April 2019. The move which is being propagated by BCH enthusiasts in the city has them reach an agreement with CEO of Tokyo based luxury lounge, Mezzo; as they look to expand BCH use cases.

The deal features an agreement between the luxury spot CEO and a BCH proponent – Akane Yokoo who looks set to revolutionize Tokyo’s nightlife scene and pioneer cryptocurrency payments in entertainment spots across the city with the aim to make payment of bills at nightlife spots easier and exciting.

Yokoo explains that the choice to kick start in Mezzo is significantly linked to the hosting of Tokyo BCH meetups in the luxury lounge as well as the club’s reputation as a nice spot for foreign tourists who now have the option to use Bitcoin Cash for payments when they visit the popular night club.

Asides Mezzo,  other nightlife spots linked to Mezzo’s owner including V2, Ele, Villa and Ruby (cafe) will start accepting Bitcoin Cash BCH payments for drinks and extra services offered at these spots. Mezzo already accepts BCH for meals, drinks and other customer services.

Asian Interests

The Asians are known to particularly prefer other means of payments than fiat (paper money); with reference to JCoin pay (Japan), Alipay, WePay in China and now cryptocurrencies being a perfect pick considering the cheap fees and speed of transaction for business.

Japan on its part has become a haven for cryptocurrencies especially since its legalization in April 2017. The country also currently ranks as the third nation with the most BCH accepting retailers and merchants globally.

Extensively, the adoption scale for digital currency keeps spreading across sectors and showing no signs of a drawback, the industry is offering a new channel of payments with extra benefits that are sure to dominate the traditional finance and payment systems.

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