Syrian Government Built On Bitcoin ? The Future Of The Fractured State

Aamir Taaki one of the founding members and developers of the Darkmarket/Openbazaar has resurfaced recently revealing his journey in Syria to not only protect civilians but also to contribute to the building of a self sufficient government on the foundations of cryptocurrencies. In the face of immense military action, Taaki is currently waging war against ISIS; Taaki spoke about his hopes of integrating Bitcoin not only for free trade, but for the protection of ordinary civilian’s financial interests which are constantly under governmental control.

syrian government hopes for Taaki

Since his disappearance in 2016, Taaki has joined the Anarcho-socialist group the Rojava plan which aims to create a society based on the principles of decentralized and free markets such as those of cryptocurrencies. The Rojava plan has many goals including setting up an autonomous community where digital currencies as declared by the CIC, described as a start up government, can subvert the financial order of the world making it much more productive.

“Rojava’s [Syrian Kurdistan] under embargo, so there’s no way to move money in or out. So we have to actually create our own Bitcoin economies. Now we have a technological tool for people to freely organize outside state system. Because it is a currency not controlled by central banks.” — Amir Taaki


To conclude the potential of Bitcoin to revolutionize constitutions may be one of the biggest implications of the current technology. While the Syrian government is currently in disarray and the economy has effectively collapsed as discussed by Taaki, the need for an absolute and free solution is huge. Bitcoin has become integral to Taaki’s vision of a government run for and built by civilians as cryptocurrency remains free of government restrictions and censorship. Furthermore US air strikes on Syrian soil have effectively disrupted the oil dependent economy, which although has benefited Nigerian oil markets, has worsened the dire financial situation in the country.

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